The SYSTEM KOVACS was developed based on the widely used and tried principle of “lath and plaster” construction, on wood or metal frames. 

The structures using the SYSTEM KOVACS are “panel structures”. The panels used as wall elements are sandwich panels with an inner core of a filling material, such as soil cement, clay, or laterite, or the combination of any of these. For ceilings the panels are one-sided panels with no inner core. In case of intermediate floor/ceiling panels the inner core is void. The innovation of the SYSTEM KOVACS lies in the method of producing these panels on a horizontal surface, without formwork, and in assembling the panels without visible, structurally weak joints. 

The SYSTEM is available as a Technology Transfer, under licensing agreement, or it can be used to submit bids on large projects as a joint venture.

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  • Construction with common materials.
  • Uses traditional skills and tradesmen.Flexible modules adaptable to each project.
  • No dimensional constraints.Easy incorporation of specific finishes.
  • Adaptable to most terrains.Horizontal or sloping roofing. 
  • Can be constructed on or above grade level. 
  • Durable yet easy to maintain and repair. 
  • Excellent sound absorption, heat retention characteristics and thermal behavior.

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  • Utilization of currently available materials,
  • Does not require crushed stone or gravel for the superstructure,
  • All components may be assembled on site,
  • Mounting and assembling is simple,
  • Utilization of local labor of a usually available skill level,
  • Short construction time,
  • All building mechanical and electrical systems can be incorporated in the panels during prefabrication,
  • Surface decoration can be completed immediately after panels erected,
  • Extensive choice of surface finishing,
  • Rigid, structurally integrated and non-deforming,wall and ceiling systems.  

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  • Residential buildings,
  • Motels, schools, medical dispensaries, offices, or other free standing structures,
  • Can be constructed with additional storey height,
  • Ceiling height to 3,5 m,
  • Concept has been developed for both tropical and temperate climatic conditions,
  • Can be used as wall or ceiling elements in traditional systems.

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  • Shock resistant
  • Fire resistant
  • Very good phonic/acoustic isolation
  • Very good thermo resistance
  • Termite and rodent resistant
  • Washable partitions
  • Easily repairable

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  • Wood or metal profile structural framing
  • Reinforced cement plaster surfaces of +/- 3 cm thickness
  • Soil cement inner core.
  • The panels can be equipped to include: electrical conduits, water pipes, external carpentry, window casing, door frames and doors, baseboard, other built-in supports or elements.

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